Drain & Sewer Cleaning

So, you are taking a shower and look down and see water standing in the bottom of the shower. You didn’t want to take a bath! Looks like you have a clogged drain. You have to go to work and when you get home the last thing you want to deal with is repairs around the house. This is where Gene Burch Plumbing, Heating & Air comes in to save the day. Let us use our high-tech equipment to take care of your sewer or drain cleaning needs. We offer service to Sausalito, Mill Valley, Larkspur, and the surrounding areas.


Camera inspection is a new and cost-effective way of determining the condition and exact location of a main sewer line. We send the camera down the pipe and video its journey. From this video, we can tell if a pipe has any low spots, root intrusions, fractures or broken spots which could restrict flow. If problems are discovered, a locator can be used to find where the spot is and how deep underground the pipe is. This information is important when making spot repairs.

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